888 Infinity develops world class residential and commercial buildings.

Human design meets sophisticated luxury

888 Infinity’s founder, Zachariah Chawk, a highly-experienced project manager with a property and engineering background, has a passion for excellence and is driven to achieve the best possible results in the property sector.

We have built up a portfolio of success from small suburban townhouse developments through to large scale multi-residence developments. Working with the finest architects, interior designers, development managers, planners, builders and craftsman, our work is leading the field.

888 Infinity currently has two developments, each of 6 and 15 residences, underway in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne.

We maintain a discerning selection and acquisition process, taking advice from highly respected local property experts and combining that with our own considerable experience in sourcing the best real estate for each project.

We commit ourselves to a deep understanding of what drives the values of each local community in which we work. In this way, when you purchase a residence from 888 Infinity, you can be assured that you are buying into a thoroughly researched opportunity backed by a track record of success.
Truly one of the world’s great cosmopolitan capitals, Melbourne has for many years ranked at the top of liveability indexes and, as an international destination, it attracts residents and investors from around Australia and globally.

The demand therefore is for the highest calibre of residential and commercial project development, taking in design and luxury trends that are seen around the world in great cities such as Paris and San Francisco as well as taking inspiration from the cutting-edge modern cities of Asia, such as Shanghai and Singapore.

Every step of a 888 Infinity project takes into account these high cosmopolitan standards. Our developments aim to compliment and fit neatly within the local community while also delivering the highest standards expected in the international community. A 888 Infinity project represents the pinnacle of sophistication in every respect.


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